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Thursday 12 May 2016

Man shoots himself but doesn't realize it until 3 days later

A 37 year old Florida man, Michael Blevins, shot himself in the arm while cleaning a handgun, but he said he didn't realize it until three days later when he finally changed his shirt and found a bullet hole in it.

An arrest report says Volusia County Sheriff's deputies were called after he went to a hospital on Saturday and told them that he was cleaning a .22 caliber pistol on Thursday and that at one point he held it against his chest to keep his dog from jumping near it and as he stood up, his back gave out and he fell.

He said he heard a gunshot but didn't feel any pain from it, possibly because of medicine he takes for back pain.

He said he went about his business until on Saturday when he changed his shirt and saw a bullet hole in it.

Source: AP

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