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Tuesday 10 May 2016

Man yelling 'Allahu akbar' stabs four at Munich railway station, one confirmed dead

A  young man killed one person and wounded three others in a knife attack at a German railway station on Tuesday, May 10 that prosecutors said had "an apparant Islamist motive". According to the police, the man slashed four people around 5am local time at the station in the town of Grafing east of Munich.

A spokesman for the prosecutor's office said one man had died from injuries sustained in the attack

He said the 27-year-old "assailant made remarks at the scene of the crime that indicate a political motive- apparently an Islamist motive.

"We are still determining what the exact remarks were" he said.

However, local media reported that witness had said the young man had yelled "Allhu akbar" during the attack.

The police spokesman said "a political background cannot be ruled out," adding that the man was not very cooperative.

Mayor Angelika Obermayr described the Islamist suspect as a '27-year-old German man'

Source: News agencies

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