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Saturday 14 May 2016

MASSOB Goes Spiritual, Hires 500 Pastors, Prayer Warriors to Pray Biafra Into Reality...See Interesting Details

The struggle to actualize Biafra has gone spiritual, as MASSOB raises over 500 pastors and prayer warriors across the region to pray for Biafra. Chief Ralph Uwazurui­ke-led Biafra Independence Movement has raised over 500 pastors and prayer warriors across the region to pray for the immediate freedom of the independent state of Biafra.
Making this disclosure on Friday, after a meeting at Grace Accord Mission, Ndiakwu Otolo, Nnewi, Anambra State, MAS­SOB State Coordinator of Religion in Anambra, Pas­tor Ani Nwede James said the group had decided to renew what he described as its covenant with God.
According to him, the group which is identified as Biafran Cler­gy Men would be backing up its prayers with oc­casional fasting “to draw down the hand of God and rescue their people from the zoo called Nigeria.”
Pastor James explained that the move to go spiri­tual to actualise Biafra started sixteen years ago but had only come to ful­filment this year.
During the Nnewi meeting, he disclosed that there were prayer sessions that lasted hours “during which period we covered ourselves with the blood of Jesus to prepare us for the task ahead.”
On the recent state­ment credited to President Muhammadu Buhari that Biafra would never be achieved, Pastor James said the clergymen had al­ready petitioned God over that, saying that anybody who in any imagination thought that Biafra would not be actualised was hav­ing a day dream “because it is a task that must be done.”
The pastors also told the Fulani herdsmen to leave “Biafran land” for good as God’s anger would de­scend on them for spilling innocent blood of His people.

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