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Monday 16 May 2016

Nigerian graduates with cum laude from one of the top 5 Engineering College in the US

According to Odinaka Linus-Okoronkwo who shared the photos on Facebook, a young Nigerian Ikenna Uzoije graduated with "cum laude" from Georgia Tech, (among the top 5 engineering college in the US.) And to top it all, the school reserved 13 seats for his guests at the convocation ceremony. Read his post after the cut.. 
"Ikenna Uzoije God Don expose u. Pls guys, this lad graduated from Georgia Tech (among the top 5 engineering college in US) with "cum laude" . As if that was not enough, the school deemed it fit to reserve 13 seats for Ikenna Uzoije guests on his convocation. U can all see the tag in this picture. To cap it up, he was among the few to be selected to start their PhD program this August without needing to pass through an MSc program. U just have to listen to this lad to explain to u the nature of his PhD research. Mind blowing indeed. Doritians (alumni from dority international secondary school, aba) are everywhere doing magic o. I just had to say this on his behalf because he's being too modest about it. Engineer Ikenna Uzoije, I hail o. For those of us that know him too well, we call him LORD PICANON"

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