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Wednesday 4 May 2016

NLC blast Okupe for calling on states to downsize their civil servants, questions his degree as a medical doctor

The leadership of the Nigeria Labor Congress NLC have blasted former media aide of former President Goodluck Jonathan, Doyin Okupe, for calling on state governors to downsize their civil servants so they can have enough funds to pay salaries and stop the habit of seeking bailout from the Federal government. Reacting to Okupe's suggestion, the chairman of NLC, Ayuba Wabba, described his suggestion as a jaundiced argument. He questioned Okupe's degree as a medical doctor. The statement in part reads..
“Ordinarily, we would not have responded to Doyin Okupe when he urged governors, in a statement few days ago, to retrench civil servants as a panacea to irregular payment of salaries, because we know him. In his jaundiced argument, very much unlike one who is truly deserving of his certificate from a medical school, Okupe said, ‘virtually all state governments in the country have over-bloated civil service’. 
To underscore this point, he said between ‘2008 and 2009, Ogun State received N2 billion monthly from the federation account and paid out N1.8billion as staff salaries, wages and overhead costs’ to civil servants not more than 50,000 in a state with a population of 5,000,000. 
In his view therefore it was ‘an obvious socio-economic absurdity and incongruity where 10 per cent of the population was consuming 90 per cent of the wealth of the state. Okupe is bandying political statistics and this is neither good for his health nor the health of those with whom he seeks to ingratiate himself. We at the Nigeria Labour Congress believe in the equitable distribution of the nation’s resources. 
We will not subscribe to a situation whereby 10 per cent corner 90 per cent of the resources of the state. It is in furtherance of this that we urge Okupe to do a forensic audit of what Ogun got, what it paid to civil servants, contractors and politicians and what it used in running the Government House!”

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