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Monday 16 May 2016

Omg! Popular Actress, Yvonne Nelson, Makes Shocking Revelation About Her Father...See Details

Yvonne Nelson
Popular actress, Yvonne Nelson who is widely recognized for her incredible acting skills and beauty has opened about her father. The Ghanaian actress who is also a film producer, entrepreneur and a former Miss Ghana contestant made the revelation in a recent interview with The Punch.
The actress who earned a degree in Human Resource Management at Central University College in Ghana, also talked about it feels like talking to him.
When she was asked about her father-daughter with her dad, she said: "My dad was not a part of my life because he wasn’t there for me.

"So, I almost do not say anything about him because there is no relationship or love between us. My dad is like any other person out there because I didn’t have a chance to develop a relationship with him.

"We have each other’s phone numbers and he calls me when he feels like talking to me. It always feels like talking to a random person because there are absolutely no feelings whatsoever."
When further asked if she would forgive him and move on,she said: "Sometimes our society makes it hard for us talk about things like this. But, it’s my story and I don’t have any other way to say it and I don’t want to sugar-coat it.

"He was never a part of my life and it is quite unfortunate. We actually have an ‘okay’ relationship and it’s not like I won’t talk to him if I see him today.

"But it ends there because we do not have a relationship. Talking to him is akin to talking to someone you don’t know."

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