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Friday 6 May 2016

Panic in Community as Two Strange Young Men Abandon Coffin in the Middle of the Road

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Two strange men caused some confusion recently when they left a coffin they carried right in the middle of a busy road. The drama unfolded at Mile 7 around a popular junction in Accra Ghana, Ofankor, on Thursday morning after two unidentified young men abandoned a gold coloured coffin in the middle of the Ofankor road.
The situation reportedly made vehicular movement difficult and caused panic among people
According to an eye witness account, the two unidentified young men who drove a saloon car left the coffin in the custody of a middle aged woman with the intention of coming back for it. 
"I was driving to work and upon reaching the Mile 7 road, I saw a large crowd gathered around a gold coloured coffin in the middle of the road. When I asked, I was told that two young men, who drove in a salon car left the coffin in the middle of the road.
"They told a middle aged woman that they will come back for it. One of the young men pretended to be making a call and by the time, we could say jack, he was gone. The other one drove in his salon car with another coffin.
"It was scary."

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