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Thursday 19 May 2016

Popular Nigerian flamboyant IG user shares pics from his shopping spree

Popular Nigerian Instagram user Ray Hushpuppi showed off his from a shopping spree. In one of the photos, he claimed to have been the only black invited to a private VIP closed door event. 
"I just attended a private VIP closed door Donna Fall Winter 2016 Preview and Uomo custom made Leather Cocktails Event at Versace, which I was once again the only black person at this event, none of you nuisance, noise makers was invited, No shemales was there either to catch feelings and to God be the glory, it was a successful event and I had a wonderful experience, met worthy"
In the photo with shopping bags in display, he wrote: 
"You know, even if I have a personal issue with someone, the fact that I ever interacted with them means at some point there was genuine love from me to them and because of that I have learnt to always make sure I wish them well.. with that same love. I like to see them achieve the goals I once sat and listened to them talk about, I could never use my time and energy to plot or await their demise. It's odd to me how strangers can anticipate and look forward to people's "failures"..the badmind weirdos are the ones I pity because if u are waiting on a person with as much anointing and self belief as I have in myself to lose.. You GON' wait faevaaahhh. I promise you it so beautiful on the opposite side of bitterness , hatred, resentment, anger, frustration and evil. #Gucci #Versace #Rolex #LouisLeeman#LouisVuitton #Hermes #Valentino #JustCavalli

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