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Friday 6 May 2016

Remember The Mexican Policewoman Sacked For Taking A Topless 'Selfie' In Uniform? She Is Now A Stripper

A Mexican policewoman sacked for posing for a topless 'selfie' in her uniform that went viral has told of how her marriage is in crisis over her new found fame. Nidia Garcia revealed how her husband isn't speaking to her, and her family were left speechless by the pictures - as she is now working as a stripper since leaving the police force.
Nidia, told MailOnline: 'The photo wasn't taken for my husband. And he was so disgusted that I had been capable of letting another man take such photos that he left the house. I told him that if he wanted to leave, then he should go. Now, as I am beginning to perform as a stripper, he is pretending none of it is going on,' she said.

Nidia revealed the topless photo inside a police vehicle while on duty were taken a year ago as part of a 'funny game' she was playing with her patrol partner. Continue...

She said: 'My patrol partner is like a brother to me. I'm not having an affair with him, or anyone else, we simply took the photos as a laugh.'

But when Nidia lost her phone last month, she began to receive messages from an anonymous caller, threatening to publish the pictures on social media unless she slept with them.

'It was a horrible time. I was so scared of destroying my daughters' lives and becoming known as an immoral woman in my hometown,' she said. 'I knew the blackmailer was someone within my police unit, but I chose to ignore the messages.'

The uncensored photo was published on Facebook on Friday April 15, and by the Sunday it had already been shared over 500,000 times across social media platforms.

Nidia went on: 'It was awful, mainly because of the disappointment within my family. I had to explain to my parents why I did it, and who I did it with. It's only now that they're coming to terms with it,' she said.

Nidia has two young daughters with her husband Jesus Miguel Galindo, who is also a police officer in Nuevo Leon state, a region to the south of Texas troubled by organised crime.

'My husband is ignoring the fact that I'm now a stripper. The whole scandal has been extremely hard on him, since he has to listen to his colleagues laugh about me and make fun of him.'

'I just want to put it behind us and start again. But these things are impossible to forget,' she said.

Nidia's supposed repentance hasn't stopped her from making the most of the situation. Less than a week after the photos emerged she had signed on with a talent agent and was performing at the Monterrey strip club Poisson.

'Nidia is one of the most famous women in Mexico,' says her agent Mario Rodriguez, who pays his client $700 (£480) for each strip show she puts on.

'Whoever was threatening her with posting her intimate photos online did her a massive favour.'

Now a bona fide stripper, Nidia is fully booked until the start of September. She will spend the coming months touring Mexico's top strip clubs.

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