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Friday 6 May 2016

Residents Panic as Mysterious 'Smoking' Hole Opens Up in the Middle of Busy Main Road (Photos)

A hole has opened up in the middle of a busy road emitting 'steam' which has left observers completely baffled and shocked. The mysterious sinkhole emitting clouds of steam suddenly opened up in a busy main road in Sheffield city,  centre, South Yorkshire, England leaving residents scratching their heads in commotion.
The crack in the road appeared this morning with steam billowing from beneath the concrete surface.
Despite being coned off, the road has remained open, much to the relief of motorists attempting to travel through the city.
Sheffield Hallam security guard Dave Womack, who spent the morning diverting traffic, told The Star: "We think it's been caused by a burst heating pipe.
"They're going to bring in traffic lights soon, but we have no idea when it will be fixed."
Later reports suggest that landscape management company Veolia were on their way to begin investigation and repairs on the hole.
Several pictures and videos have now emerged on Twitter of the incident.
Chris Bailey said: "A hole. In the road. With steam coming out. That's normal, right?"
Many have considered the event quite abnormal calling for efforts to get to the root cause. 

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