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Thursday 5 May 2016

See the reason Jay Z didn't attend the MET Gala with Beyonce

According to E! Online, Jayz didn't attend the MET Gala with his wife Beyonce because he wanted to add more 'fuel to the fire' surrounding infidelity claims and help promote Beyonce's album sales and publicity with his absence. Read the report by E! Online after the cut...
Once Beyoncé's explosive lyrics hit the airwaves, people were obsessed with finding out whom "Becky with the good hair" was. 
'Jay appeared at the opening night of her Formation World Tour concert in Miami, and E! News obtained exclusive pictures of them riding a golf cart backstage, showing that they were still a united front in the wake of the scandalous headlines.'
'So Monday rolled around and everyone anxiously waited for Bey-and-maybe Jay to arrive. Celebrities and their designers walked the multicolored red carpet in their on-theme (or maybe not) ensembles. Eventually the "Sorry" songstress arrived in her latex Givenchy gown and everyone looked on with envy as per usual.
'But where was Jay? Sources tell E! News that the "99 Problems" rapper intentionally didn't attend so as to better promote his wife and her headline-making album. 
"They thought it was a good move that Beyoncé go alone this year to the Met," the insider tells us. "They aren't fighting but they thought it would be a better look if she came solo for her new album and all the hype that was attached to it."
'Ahhh promotion.'
''Not only did Beyoncé attend the gala alone, she also hit up the Balmain after-party without her hubby. Another source tells E! News that she didn't seem to mind his absence.'' 
"She was in a group that included Olivier [Rousteing], her sister and her sister's husband," the insider says. "They were hanging in their area having a great time."
''There's no doubt that Bey's honest lyrics have produced some major paychecks for her, so why not feed into them? It's only more money in her pocket and she's controlling the narrative by not giving any interviews or acknowledging her accusations in any way. Sure, she'll reveal the skeletons in her closet, but in a way that's beneficial to her.''
It's win-win—on paper at least.''
Source : E! News online

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