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Friday 6 May 2016

Shocker! Prophet buries cow head, tortoise in church (photo)

The Prophet of an old generation church, Christ Apostolic Churuch (CAC) Dangudoro, Ondo State, Moses Abiodun has been arrested for being fetish and collecting money from church members under false pretense.

His unholy activities were exposed by his neighbors and a former ally who he had a fallout because of money the church was making.

According to Vanguard, the suspects’ confidant, who knew about the activities of the prophet was sidelined and all his efforts to convince the prophet to allow him partake in the booty were rebuffed. Vanguard was informed that the prophet called the bluff of the confidant when he threatened to expose him to the church members and security operatives.

When he discovered that the prophet was unperturbed by his threat and having felt cheated he spilt the beans upon which the suspect was picked up, interrogated and detained. Vanguard gathered that the prophet’s close ally actually told security agents that the prophet allegedly buried human heads in strategic places inside the church.

This allegation prompted the invasion of the church by officials of the Security and Civil Defense Corps who later discovered that the prophet actually buried heads of a cow, tortoise, cowries, divination board and other fetish items on the altar and all the entrances of his church. These discoveries were made when he was interrogated and he reportedly confessed and took the security agents to the church.

He was also forced to excavate all the fetish items buried in the church. The decomposed heads of the cows full of maggots, pigeon heads tied with kola nuts, clay pots wrapped with white clothes and the dead tortoise were dug out by the prophet in the presence of security operatives and members of the public who got wind of the development in the church.

Reports had it that the youths in the area descended on him but security operatives prevented them from setting him and the church on fire when the fetish items were dug out . Security operatives had to cordorn off the church premises following the influx of people who trooped in to have a glimpse of the discoveries from the “House of God.”

The church became deserted after the exposure of the prophet while his co-workers in the “vineyard” have equally disappeared into thin air.

It gathered that the prophet also reportedly confessed that same fetish items were buried in his house where he equally held consultations with members of the public and his church members.


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