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Friday 13 May 2016

Shocking! Man Runs Into Neigbours House and Kills His 3 Kids with Axe

A husband and wife have been left in a state of shock after a man invaded their house, chased them with an axe before returning to their hut to kill their three kids. Residents of Zaka in Zimbabwe have been left in a state of shock after a man, thought to be a mental patient, went on a rampage Monday night at his neighbour's homestead, axing to death three children on the spot.
According to NewZimbabwe, the man reportedly targeted the parents first and, after they managed to escape into the night, returned to the bedroom hut where he hacked the sleeping children to death.
Confirming the sad story, Masvingo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Charity Mazula, said the man identified as Munyaradzi Gudzizvaara has been arrested (age not given) and the death of Leticia Dzinoruma (8), Margaret Dzinoruma (4) and Anesu Dzinoruma (2).
Narrating the story, Mazula revealed that Munyaradzi visited his elderly aunt in a neighbouring village, returning to his home in Zimunya communal area around 8pm.
"He (Munyaradzi) passed through Ernest Dzinoruma's home and thought he had reached his homestead.
"He met Ernest coming out of his bedroom to relieve himself and questioned him why he was coming out of the bedroom which did not belong to him," Inspector Mazula said.
According to the ZRP spokesperson, Munyaradzi then started accusing Ernest of invading his home and a misunderstanding ensured between the two resulting in Munyaradzi picking an axe which was outside the hut threatening to kill the 'invader'.
Sensing danger, Ernest fled the home and vanished in the darkness after which Munyaradzi forcibly opened the door to the bedroom hut where Ernest's wife, Angela Kwangwari, and her three children were sleeping.
"He found Ernest's wife sleeping and thought it was his wife and also started accusing her of having an extra-marital affair before axing her once on the shoulder.

"Angela managed to rush out of the bedroom with Munyaradzi in hot pursuit but she outpaced him and disappeared in the darkness," Inspector Mazula said.
Munyaradzi then returned to the bedroom where he axed all the sleeping children to death before dragging their bodies outside the hut.
"He was apprehended by other villagers who heard Angela screaming for help and rushed to her homestead were they found Munyaradzi already asleep at the scene of the murder," Inspector Mazula said.
She said Munyaradzi is expected to appear in court soon facing murder charges while Angela is receiving treatment at Ndanga Hospital.

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