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Wednesday 11 May 2016

Shocking! See How a Lagos Beggar Painted his Leg to Deceive People in Order to Beg for Alms (Graphic Photo)

Everyone must beware of the latest antics many fake beggars have employed to deceive and fleece people of hard-earned money as many of them now paint their legs and bodies with paint to make it seem like burns. 

This is what happens in Lagos and many parts of Nigeria as the economic recess continues to bite hard. Some Nigerians have come up with crooked means to command sympathy from people by painting their legs to look as if terribly injured just to be given money. 
One of the people caught in the act has been publicly photographed by a certain Abdulrahman Inobemhe who wrote: "Only in Lagos, someone paints skin for begging. Fantastically corrupt society".
The suspect painted his leg to look like he has a severe injury in order to comfortable get people to give him alms.

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