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Thursday 19 May 2016

Shocking: Woman Gets Out of Her Car and Strips N*ked on a Busy Street in Broad Daylight

The woman got out of her car and began to undress
A woman left observers completely shocked after she stormed out of her car on a busy street and took off all her clothes in public. The woman stunned people with her incredible display as she stripped completely naked and ran down a busy street in Lebanon on Tuesday afternoon.
According to NewsChannel 5 Network, the Lebanon police say 48-year-old Elizabeth Simpson of Nokmois, Florida was taken into custody for indecent exposure.
The woman reportedly stopped right before the light at E. High Street and N. Cumberland Street to dump all of the contents of her car out into the street. Minutes later, Simpson was seen darting from her car and stripping off all her clothes.
“She just starts running down naked,” witness Kenneth Price said. “Police had to come by and pick up all of her clothes seen down the road.”
By the time she made it to right across Corner Garage on Market Street, Simpson was reportedly walking and seemed very calm.
“She caught us all off guard and we didn’t know what to do,” Owner of Corner Garage Scott Vaupel recalled. “She wasn’t mad, she wasn’t stressed…she was just walking down the street.”
Simpson was almost a block away from the square when an officer spotted her.
According to officials with the Lebanon Police Department, Simpson got frustrated when she couldn’t find a map. She apparently felt ‘hot’ before taking off all of her clothes.
The officer said she appeared to not be under the influence.
“She was very coherent, knew her identity and had all of her identification,” Corporal PJ Hardy said. “She knew what she was doing was wrong and that it was against the law.”
Cpl. PJ Hardy stated she was in town to visit friends. Simpson was being held without bond in the Wilson County Jail. 

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