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Friday 6 May 2016

Unbelievable! Transgender Man Gives Birth to Baby Girl (Photos)

Henry Steinn
In this shocking news, a transgender man has made history by giving birth to a bouncing baby boy in Iceland. A transgender man has given birth to a baby girl. According to Metro.co.uk, he became pregnant shortly after he started living as a man.
Speaking to Gay Iceland, the transgender man identified as Henry Steinn revealed that he had found out he was pregnant only weeks before he was due to start taking testosterone.
Henry while pregnant
He gave birth by caesarian section in Iceland on April 13 and said he plans to breastfeed his daughter until they’ve both ‘had enough’.
‘I was well into the consultation and was living as a man but was about one or two months away from starting the hormone treatment when I found out I was pregnant,’ the 19-year-old said.
‘It would probably have been less likely for me to fall pregnant after that, but not impossible.’
Henry's baby girl after birth
As a result of the new development, he has decided to delay taking gender hormone treatment but carried on living as a man throughout the pregnancy.
Revealing more details, he told Pink News that it was a ‘bit of a shock’ when he started suspecting he was pregnant but came round to the idea as ‘an opportunity to have my own baby,’

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