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Wednesday 4 May 2016

Watch Shocking Moment Edo Lawmaker Jumped from Assembly Gallery to Seize the Mace (Photos+Video)

We present to you the photos and video clip of an Edo state lawmaker who jumped from the state assembly's gallery to quickly took hold of the mace during a rowdy session that got the speaker impeached. The Edo State House of Assembly was thorn apart on Tuesday, after some 16 lawmakers impeached the Speaker of the House and the deputy.
At plenary, convened without the speaker, the lawmakers put forward allegations of incompetence and highhandedness.
Another dimension to the issue erupted when the Speaker arrived with some supporters, and one of the supporters jumped from the gallery quickly took hold of the mace and dropped it on the stand, insisting that that was the right time to begin the plenary.
Watch the horrible moment the lawmaker jumped from the assembly's gallery below courtesy of Channels television;

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