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Wednesday 11 May 2016

Why Obasanjo Doesn't Help Youths to Secure Jobs - Wife of Ex-President Reveals

Mr & Mrs Obasanjo at the event
 Bola Obasanjo, wife of Nigeria's former president, has revealed the reason why the legendary politician feel reluctant to help youths secure white collar jobs. Speaking today at the Ogun State 3rd Investors’ Forum where she delivered a speech, Bola Obasanjo, wife of Nigeria’s former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, encouraged youths to go into farming in order to reduce the problem of unemployment.
Mrs Bola Obasanjo who revealed that her husband is usually reluctant to assist those who approach him to help them secure white collar job, said; "Despite the abundance of agriculture resources in Africa, Sub Saharan countries remain the world most insecure region. There are many factors responsible for this.
"If you drive from Ogun state through Ibadan, you will see bushes everywhere, we need mechanised farming. How many things can our people do? Not many can bend down and try to cultivate the ground. I’m saying this so our government will do something about it.

"Agriculture is one of the sectors that can provide millions of jobs for our youths and also enhance food security.

"Dr Seun Obasanjo at Ota Farm is a PhD holder, but he joins his father in farming. And Funsho, my own daughter who also has a PhD in bio organic chemistry, is also in the farm. They are all working with baba.

"If you get to baba’s place and tell him you are looking for a job, baba will ask you: ‘Where was the last place you worked?’ and if you say you worked in a bank, he will ask you to seek assistance elsewhere.

"Obasanjo doesn’t give people the kind of money that they would get in banking and oil sectors. It’s either you work in the bank or at the presidential library, and when you work at the library, the money isn’t much, and at times you might work throughout the seven days of the week. You know it’s not easy to gather money," she concluded.

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