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Saturday 7 May 2016

‘Why Tiwa Savage’s hubby tested negative to cocaine’ – Medical expert

The truth is yet to be know about the cocaine-taking allegations levelled against Tunji ‘TeebillzBalogun by his wife, Tiwa Savage.
In her tell-all interview, Tiwa claimed that she once walked in on Teebillz using cocaine.

In his defence, Teebillz headed to Clina Lancet Laboratories where he was tested for illegal drugs usage; and according to the results that were released on May 4, 2016, he tested negative for the use of
cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy, oxycodone and other illegal drugs.
Now, here’s the twist!
NET NG spoke to medical doctors about this test result to find out what it really means.
According to a medical practitioner who spoke on the condition of anonymity, ‘If a person’s blood is tested for cocaine or other hard drugs 24 hours after use, nothing may be found in such a test. The same thing applies if it was a urine test; after 4 days of using such drugs and you go for a test, nothing may be found’.

Teebillz' test result.
Teebillz’ test result.
He continued to explain that, ‘In the case of a chronic user, if the test is done after one week of the last intake of such drug it may come out negative too. The only way to detect use of hard drugs is to test the hair of such a person because the drug can stay in the hair for several months’.
With this, it is not exactly clear which is the truth between Tiwa Savage’s claims and her hubby’s test results.

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