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Wednesday 4 May 2016

Wicked Cheating Wife Hires Assassin to Kill Husband So She Can Be With New Lover (Photo)

The cheating wife, Nurten Taycur
A heartless woman has been caught in a most unbelievable controversy after she hired a hitman to assassinate her husband so she can enjoy life with new lover. A cheating wife's luck ran out after she tried to recruit an assassin to kill her husband and make it look like an ISIS execution so she could be with her secret lover.
According to The Mirror, Nurten Taycur, 28, offered to pay a contract killer her £5,000 life savings to slice the throat of Uber driver, Ercan Akan.
It was gathered that the woman instructed the assassin to spray the words 'ISIS' on the roof of his car in a bid to throw police off the scent - and even texted him to tell him: "I'm so excited."
However, her evil deeds were exposed as she didn't know the man she wanted to kill her husband was an undercover police officer.
Taycur was arrested after handing over a £1,000 deposit to the bogus hitman and told him: "I don't want him to survive."
Her husband later told police he didn't think there were any problems with the marriage and added: "I still don't understand why Nurten wanted me to be killed - if she wanted to separate from me she could have done it in the normal way."
Taycur came to the UK with her family as a child and was only 16 when she married her husband, who came from the same Kurdish village in Turkey, the Old Bailey heard.
The couple lived together in Hackney and went on holiday to Turkey a few months before the murder plot was hatched.
At a meeting on 11 December she handed over a £1,000 deposit and told the undercover officer of her plan for an 'ISIS-inspired' killing.
She said: "What I am thinking, I got this thing in my head, you know this ISIS thing that's going around, like if your friend gets a spray and writes ISIS on top of the car."
Taycur also asked for her husband's throat to be slit during a 'graphic description' of the method of killing.
Following her arrest the remaining £4,000 was found hidden at her home.
Mr Gadsden said police then informed the husband of the plot, telling the court: "The fact that his wife was planning to have him murdered obviously came as a complete shock to him."
Taycur made no comment in police interview but later pleaded guilty to soliciting to murder.
She now claims that her husband would not let her get a divorce because of his stricter cultural beliefs.
Judge Peter Rook QC told Taycur she would be sentenced on 13 May after he heard further evidence about the background to the crime.
He added: "This is a very grave offence indeed. You must prepare yourself for a substantial prison sentence."
Taycur, of Dymchurch Close, Pembury Road, Hackney, east London, will be sentenced on Friday 13th May.

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