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Saturday 14 May 2016

Woman Accuses Alleged Cousin of Comedian Alibaba of Brutally R*ping Her...Read Details (Photos)

The victim, Enigma Dutchess
A self-acclaimed cousin of popular and established Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba has been accused of heartlessly assaulting a video vixen sexually and inflicting massive injuries all over her body. A young man, Andy Muller based in Lagos State, has been vehemently implicated in a r*pe scandal that has gone viral on major blogs and news platforms in Nigeria.
The unnamed female victim who is a video vixen going by the Instagram handle @Enigma_ladutchess has since released the graphic photos of herself, Whatsapp conservations between both parties after the reported sexual assault in the hands of Andy Muller who goes by the Instagram handle @Andyy_Muller which has since been deactivated due to negative responses from aggrieved social media users.
According to her, she had earlier reported the culprit to a nearby police station and out of sympathy released him before Andy Muller took to blackmailing her with some adult contents about her.
Andy Muller is yet to comment on his side of the story.
Read how the ugly drama played out on the victim's Instagram page:
"This bastard raped me beat me up, still threatened to kill me and ruin my life, he claims to be alibabas cousin please u all should help me fight for my right, i got him arrested and he was begging out of the mercy of mu heart i left him just for him to continue with his threat to ruin my life on whatsapp @k8henshaw @realomosexy @annieidibia1 @alibabagcfr @wunmiealayo @genevievennaji @juliusagwu1 @baddosneh @vectorthaviper @tybello @officiallindaikeji and all this happened yesterday around the time of 8pm to past 12am"
The brutalized body of the victim and the face of her alleged r*pist, Andy Muller with comedian, Ali Baba
Some whatsapp conservations between the victim and the accused
The accused Andy Muller and comedian, Ali Baba

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