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Friday 6 May 2016

Woman arrested after spending millions on designer bags after £2.3m was mistakenly deposited into her account

A woman, Christine Jiaxin Lee, from Malaysia has been arrested after she spent millions on luxury items including designer bags when £2.3 million was mistakenly transferred into her bank account.

She received the money into her Westpac bank account as an overdraft four years ago and has been 'living the life' since.
According to Nine News, Lee allegedly spent £1.7 million in less than a year when she bought designer handbags and made cash transfers.

The girl who is also a chemical engineering student, was arrested by the Australian Federal Police at Sydney Airport on Wednesday night and according to the report she still owes about £1.7million to the bank.

Lee appeared at Waverley Local Court on Thursday where she was charged with 'dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception and knowingly dealing with the proceeds of crime'.

According to the court, police were aware of the withdrawal of the money in 2012, but they only issued the arrest warrant on March 4 this year, but the girl's lawyer said she didn't spend the money illegally, and spent majority of the funds on designer handbags.

She will appear at  the Downing Centre Local court on June 21.

Source: Metro UK

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