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Thursday 5 May 2016

Woman Publicly Disgraced After Being Caught Stealing Food Items (Photo+Video)

The pretty woman was left red-faced after the public shame
A woman has been left in shame after she was caught red-handed with provisions and food items she stole from a store. A middle aged woman was publicly disgraced after she was caught stealing food items from a shop. The incident happened in Pretoria, South Africa.
It was gathered that the woman entered the shop and stole different items she hid in her undergarment.
However, luck ran out on her after a sharp eyed security woman who monitoring her move caught her. She was caught red-handed trying to escape through the exit door.
What happened next left people stunned. She was forced to remove all the things she stole as she was being filmed.
Among the things she had stolen included a pack of Joko tea bags, Sunlight washing powder and three cans of baby formula.
See video below:

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