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Friday 20 May 2016

You won't believe why APC threatened to expel Senator Shehu Sani

The Publicity Secretary of APC in Kaduna state, Salisu Wusono, says his party is considering disciplinary actions against Senator Shehu Sani that may lead to his expulsion. Speaking to newsmen in Kaduna yesterday May 19th, Wusono said Sani is working against their party by speaking in favor of the NLC in the debate against the removal of oil subsidy.‎
 “Given his disregard for the party, the APC in Kaduna State has no option but to take further disciplinary measures that may lead to his expulsion. Supporting the NLC against the president and government on subsidy removal was only an affirmation that Mr. Sani is a PDP man masquerading as an APC senator. The Kaduna State APC is dismayed and disappointed by the continued irresponsible conduct of Shehu Sani. In speech and conduct, he has shown himself incapable of loyalty to our party, the APC and our great leader, President Muhammadu Buhari.‎ Having ridden on the back of our party and the popularity of Buhari to get to the Senate, Shehu Sani has since abandoned any pretension to discipline or loyalty to any principle. He pretends to be with the people, but his masters are the corrupt people on whose behalf he has been attacking our president. How can a politician with any sense of discipline, or commitment to the public interest fail to see that the fuel subsidy regime is bankrupt and is no longer in the interest of our people?”‎he said
Two days ago, Sani released a statement dissociating himself from the Federal Government's decision to increase petrol and the removal of oil subsidy.

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