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Thursday 19 May 2016

You won't believe why the Man killed his family members in Yobe

28 year old Adamu Magaji Mai-Bisco who hacked his parents and two sisters to death while they were sleeping on Monday night May 16th, said that he killed them because he was scared of being reported to the police for his drug abuse.
“I didn’t have much problem with my parents but they hated me. I became worried that one day they would drag me before the police or some other law enforcement agency, that is why I acted this way,” he told DailyTrust in his detention room at the Potiskum Police station. 
 A remorse Adamu added
 “I pray that nobody should try this kind of atrocity I committed,”.
Speaking on the incident, the elder brother of Adamu, Hussain Magaji, said  the suspect allowed the family to sleep before he went in with his shovel and knife. According to Hussain, he started with the father before the mother and then his two younger sisters.
“He entered our father’s room and hit him repeatedly with the shovel, and then slit his throat with the knife. He hit our mother who went in to save our father and knifed her after she became unconscious. Our younger sisters who slept in a separate room woke up and shouted for help but could not get any until after he killed them, because neighbours thought they were being punished for misbehaviour. These people he killed were my parents and my sisters and he is my younger brother. I discussed with my mother on some key family issues and when I came out of the house, i saw him looking very worried and I then counselled him about life. Little did I know he was planning such an evil act. I know him to be a serious drug addict and I am sure he did this under the influence of drugs. When I came in and saw all four of my family members lying dead, it was hard to take.”
A security officer at the station told our correspondent that Adamu attempted to commit suicide while already in police custody.
“He banged his head repeatedly against the wall to commit suicide but was forced to stop. He is now under continuous watch,” the officer said.


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