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Tuesday 23 August 2016

The Housemaid Diaries: Showing My Oga What He is Missing in a Lonely Night

Illustrative photo
A sizzling tale of hot romance by a house girl who utilized an opportunity in a cold lonely night to make reality her dreams of spending the night in bed with her boss. (This article is rated 18+) 
My boss was a handsome man. I was very attracted to him since the day I started working in his house. He was tall and big, but not fat. He had muscles and he was very fit. His wife, my Madam, on the other hand, was not very attractive. She was fat and does not take care of herself.
Many times, I would hear my oga ask his wife to follow him and jog in the mornings, she always refused to go. I wished my Oga asked me, I would have gladly gone with him. Many times I saw him shirtless and I am tempted to touch his chest. His nipples were always hard and I yearned to tease and lick them all the time.
I got so distracted thinking about him and my nightly masturbation sessions were filled with thoughts of him. He does not talk to me much because it was usually madam that gave me orders, but anytime he said something to me or answered my morning greetings, I felt warmth between my thighs.
I did not know what to do about feelings. I just wanted to lie down underneath him and have him do dirty things to me. I knew I was way s*xier than his wife but I could not really do much to show him that so I wouldn’t not arouse suspicion from her.
I always dressed in modest clothes but all I wanted to do was strut my nude, slutty ass in front of her husband and show him what he was missing. I got my chance one night.
Madam went to her parent’s house to visit. While she was there, she found out that her mother was ill and she called her husband, telling him she might have to spend the night there and return the next day.
As soon as I overheard the call, I ran to my room to change into something s*xy. I bought one red nightgown a few months ago, in the hopes that I will one day wear it for my handsome Oga. It was short and lacy, so my boobs and ass were clearly visible
The silk material clinged to my body, making me look curvier and alluring. I returned to the kitchen after doing this. He was in the living room at the time. I was hoping for him to call me for something because it would be too obvious if I just walked around that way.
Soon, I heard him enter the kitchen to drop off a glass. We were both startled at his entrance. He was a lot taken aback by what I wore and I saw his eyes linger appreciatively over my body. I warmed up inside, knowing he liked what he saw. He gave me one final glance as he headed out and went to be. I knew what I had to do.
It was almost midnight when I finally gathered the courage to enter his room. He was asleep in bed and wearing just a pair of boxers. I went closer and laid beside him.
For a few minutes, I wondered what to do next, but for the second time that night, the choice was taken away from me. He turned towards me, looked at me in surprise but I could see him look over my body again. I smiled at him, hoping I would not need words. He leaned in and kissed me.
He got up and knelt in front of me as he slowly peeled off my nightgown. He kissed my lips and my neck. I could hardly contain myself and thought I was going to cum right then. He kissed each nipple and down my stomach before stopping at my clean shaven pu.$$y.
He ran his fingers up my pu.$$y lips and I knew the he noticed how wet I was. He slid a finger against it and began to rub it. I dropped back on my elbows and rolled my eyes back. He began to tease the outside of my hole and then with no warning, slid in two fingers. I moaned deeply and felt another rush of fluids drip down his hand.
He moved up and kissed me again. I kissed him back. As he was on top of me I could feel his erection poking my thigh. I wrapped my legs around his waist and ran my finger nails hard up his back. It didn’t take him long to find his way into me.
He shoved his hard manhood into me really really deep. I felt a rush surge through my body and came again. He began to hammer away. I felt his balls slapping my ass as he stroked me harder.
Suddenly he removed his c*ck from me. I looked up to him. “Bend over,” he said smiling. I quickly obeyed. He inserted his c*ck into me from behind. He continued hammering away so hard I thought if he came it was coming out my mouth.
I couldn’t contain myself anymore and started screaming and moaning. I was cumming again and he was too. I felt the warmth and he filled me up and I covered him. He rolled off of me and lay down next to me.
He said nothing to me for a few minutes. I did not mind. I was deeply satisfied.
Later in the morning, while he was still asleep. I slipped out of the room, back to my own bed.
Credits: Lola Phllips

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