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Thursday 22 September 2016

Omg! Wife Exposes 'Pastor Husband' Who Slept With Her Best Friend (Photos)

Princess Oritsema Ekwejunor showed how her husband allegedly abused her physically
A jilted and abused wife has taken to Facebook to expose a pastor who allegedly r*ped and slept with her best friend. A victim of sexual abuse in the hands of her estranged husband has taken to Facebook to vent her anger after exposing the man's dirty shenanigans. She alleged that the husband has been sexually abusing her and beating her to the extent that he blackmailed and extorted her money. The woman's revelation has put into question the status of her husband who is said to be a pastor.
Princess Oritsema Ekwejunor wrote:
“Mr Omasan Mabiaku marriage is not by force I have left you over a month due to your constant violence, torture but this is the end; you pretend to the world you are a pastor only because you are now broke, election is over and the aspirant you blackmailed and duped is no longer there for your extortion. 
You lavished money buying cars and impregnating 16-year-old girls. I married you with just two children now you gave me extra 6. As I am talking right now your Turkey Baby Mama is 7-months pregnant. Imagine using soldiers to beat me up and tore my clothes at Tima Guest house like a criminal, a harmless woman and arrested me because you think you are the owner of police station.
You raped me at a tender age of 16 where I lost my virginity to you. I am not perfect I wanted to build a home with you and straighten your life, I never knew that was my unforgettable mistake. I find it difficult to understand why whenever I get pregnant and I get you informed I always get miscarriages.
Your evil deeds has virtually made me enemies with everyone and people plot evil against me just because I am your WIFE!  You bribe pastors so they can hide your evil deeds. I recorded a conversation of you having sex talk with one of your church girls and now you ended up framing me so I can be the victim. 
Princess Oritsema Ekwejunor
You secretly slept and had an affair with my best friend, you bought a car black evil spirit and opened a shop somewhere at shell road for her. When even the car I drive posing as a big man’s wife is not bought with my name. People think I am enjoying but hell no! 
I fend for myself. The South Africa trips were all arrangements I did on my own where you later applied for yours just because you are obsessed with me. I told you I am fed up I don’t need this hell life I'm living as marriage. If we were in the western country will you beat up a woman like this?
You think you are God but I will prove to you my God lives. If I have been a bad wife let God judge and if I have been a good wife and took care of your kids of 17 all grown up like me let God judge”. I might not have anybody to stand for me but God will fight for me.
Soon I will upload the audio of your conversation between you and underage girls having phone sex. Let the world hear the pretence of wolf in sheep clothing!  Say no to domestic violence!”

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