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Thursday 29 September 2016

The Crazy Moment a Notorious Prankster Rushed to Kiss Kim K's Butt Amid Security in Paris (Photos+Video)

Kim Kardashian narrowly missed out on being tackled by serial prankster
Kim Kardashian is likely used to getting her famous butt kissed, but not by a notorious serial prankster, two years after he ambushed her Balmain show. Popular American reality TV star, Kim Kardashian who was walking down the street in Paris after leaving the Balmain offices in the French capital on Tuesday, narrowly missed out on being tackled by serial prankster, Vitalii Sediuk, who two years ago, caused chaos by ambushing her at Paris Fashion Week.
According to Dailymail, Vitalii slipped past security and tried to tackle Kim Kardashian as he appeared to try to kiss her famous behind.
Luckily he was stopped before reaching the TV superstar and was pinned to the ground by her bodyguards.
Sediuk came just inches away from grappling Kim to the ground as he ran and tried to grab her legs before her assistant Stephanie Sheppard and a minder sprung into action. He was then pinned to the ground by one burly bodyguard and tried to cover his face as the attention turned on him. 
Kim seemed oblivious to the chaos unfolding around her until the last second, and looked shaken as she was dragged away by the rest of her entourage. 
The incident comes exactly two years since Sediuk caused havoc by trying to grab Kim as she arrived for the same brand's presentation in 2014. 
Watch the video below;

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