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Tuesday 11 October 2016

Bedroom Photo of Popular Singer Fondling His Lover's Boobs Goes Viral as He Tells Haters to 'Go to Hell'

Soul Jah Love and his lady, Bounty
Popular dancehall musician says he does not owe the public any apology over the leaking of his explicit picture with his 'on-off' wife goes viral on social media. Social media has been buzzing with the picture of popular Zimbabwean dancehall musician, Soul Musaka Jah, widely known as Soul Jah Love, after a photo which shows the artiste fondling his lover, Bounty Lisa's breasts while having quality time in bed emerged.
The photo is said to have leaked after the singer sold his handset which had some sizzling pictures including the one below which shows him and his lover half-n*ked with his hands on her boobs.
According to iHarare, the singer who spoke through his manager, revealed that he does not owe any apology to the public since the picture went on the public domain unintentionally.

“We are aware of the picture you are talking about but as far as we are concerned we do not owe any apology to the public. Jah Love and Bounty Lisa are husband and wife and that picture leaked after the phone that had the pictures was sold to a dealer and the dealer whom the phone was sold to is responsible for all this,” he said.
The leaked nude of Soul Jah Love and his lady, Bounty (Photo: iHarare)
Wadis added that the picture was nothing to talk about since it was not revealing.

“This is not anything new in the showbiz. There are so many pictures of celebrity couples such as Jay Z and Beyonce, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian appearing skimpy dressed. Now people want to complicate a very simple matter over a picture which is not even showing private parts of either Jah or Bounty Lisa,” he said.
Meanwhile, a social commentator who preferred anonymity, alleges that the leaking of the picture was just a publicity stunt by Soul Jah Love and his camp.

“Musicians can do anything to remain in the game, sometimes they even use controversy so that they just remain relevant. I personally feel this was just a publicity stunt by Jah Love who has not been topping on charts lately. Musicians are desperate for the public’s attention, that is why you see them having weird hairstyles as well as coming up with weird outfits so that they keep the public talking about them,” he said

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