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Thursday 13 October 2016

Chai! Young Lady Causes Serious Stir Online After Posting This 'Eyesore' on Social Media (Photo)

A young lady who was only trying to share her photo with her followers on social media, has ended up attracting a lot of attention. This is the photo that is currently causing an outrage online.
The photo shows a young lady taking a mirror selfie while posing happily for the camera.
However, her pose is not what has gotten Nigerians talking. What got many mouths seriously wagging is the environment she was spotted in.
A lot of dirt and gabbage can be seen sprawled across the room where she stands. It seems like the room has not been cleaned for several weeks or even months.
The even more pathetic thing is the fact that the lady is obviously not bothered by the dirt around her as she flaunts it for the world to see.
Social media users have since slammed the unidentified girl whom they described as 'very dirty.
Others have decribed the selfie as disgusting and an eyesore.
What do you think about it?

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