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Tuesday 11 October 2016

Commotion as Mentally Unstable Man Kills His Imbecile Wife and Daughter in Abuja...Shocking Details

A man thought to be mentally unstable has brought terrible misfortune on his wife and daughter in Abuja. The mentally-unstable man, identified as Mr. Dominic Ogah, has killed his wife and daughter.
Mr Ogah reportedly stabbed his wife, Omago, and daughter, Blessing, to death in Ajegunle, Mpape, in Bwari Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.
According to New Telegraph, the wife of the middle-aged man is said to have a health challenge. She is reported to be an imbecile.
Speaking on the incident, Ogah’s in-law, Robert Onwusoaka revealed on Monday the incident occurred in the wee hours of Saturday.
“I was curious when in the morning when I did not see Ogah’s wife who used to wake up early to sweep the compound, so I sent my son to go and check what she was still doing inside the room.

“My son came back telling me he did not see anybody but saw stains of blood everywhere in the room.”
Onwusoaka, who is also the owner of the house, said he rushed to the room and confirmed his son’s story.
“So, I quickly rushed to the house of the chairman of the community to alert him of the development and while returning with the chairman, I saw people who gathered and were wailing.
“Ogah dragged the bodies of his wife and daughter to a school toilet near the house.

“The police came to the scene on invitation by residents and they evacuated the bodies to the National Hospital mortuary.
“There was no problem between the man and his wife. I was the one taking care of them. Ogah did not use to stay at home, he used to go to the farm and return at night.

“He has mental problem, but it does not disturb him as he can farm very well. A day before he committed the murder, he ironed my clothes and polished my shoes.

“He can do anything as a human being just that his senses are not okay. He does not fight people. It is only his farm he would complain about. He would come back and complain that people went into his farm. Any time he goes to the farm and discovers that people went there and destroyed anything, he would come back to complain and make trouble with himself.

“He does not like anybody to touch his things. We, including his wife, don’t touch his things. I have been responsible for taking care of the wife and child,” Onwusoaka said, adding that the suspect’s wife, had speech defect and she had challenge in her movement.

“You could describe her as a half imbecile,” Onwusoaka added.
A source at the Mpape Police Divisional Headquarters confirmed the incident, saying the case was under investigation and that the suspect was now in police custody.

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