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Wednesday 12 October 2016

Commotion as Popuar Pastor's House Burns to Ashes During Sunday Service (Photo)

Pastor Jairos Seanego
A popular pastor has gotten the shock of his life when during church service, his home went up in flames. Pastor Jairos Seanego is a popular clergyman in a South African community who is known for using prayers and water to help his congregants.
Several people have testified about the power and efficacy of his healing methods sending his fame far and wide.
But now the 60-year-old from Jerusalem squatter camp in Ekurhuleni, a South African metropolitan municipality, is living in fear because his home was struck by a mysterious fire outbreak on Sunday.
According to Daily Sun SA, the pastor however, has a warning for those he claims are responsible for sending the evil his way.
“I will pray and those who tried to kill me will see the wrath of my living God,” he warned.
Jairos said he was at a church nearby helping congregants when his home caught fire, reducing all his belongings to ashes.
“We don’t know where the fire came from. Neighbours tried to put the fire out but it was very strong and out of control. This shows these weren’t natural flames,” said the pastor. “It’s scary that something like this has happened to me when I do so much to help the children of God. We don’t know who was behind this but God does.”
Jairos said he was very relieved that no one was injured and that his neighbour’s shack didn’t go up in flames.
“I don’t know what would have happened if both shacks had caught fire. I would have had to fix them both. As it is, I don’t have the money to buy material to rebuild my own shack,” he said.
“I’m appealing for help from people who have extra building materials to help me.”
The pastor said he told his congregants about the fire and they held a prayer session at his shack to chase away the evil spirits as well as make contributions.

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