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Saturday 8 October 2016

Couple Who Enjoy Having S*x with Strangers Say It Has Made Their Relationship Stronger (Photos)

Kerri Lyon and Christian are in an open relationship
This is the shocking story of a couple who are engaged to be married but allow each other to enjoy having s*x with strangers as they said it has made their relationship stronger. An engaged couple who are in an arrangement that allows them to sleep with other people have opened up on how it has made their relationship stronger.
According to Dailymail, Kerri Lyon and her metal designer fianc√© Christian, who are both 29 and live in Plymouth, made the joint decision to enter into an ‘open engagement'. Although they can sleep around with other people without counting it as bad, they however have a specific set of rules which governs what they are allowed to do with other people.
Kerri, who has completed a degree in psychology and is planning on becoming a relationship counsellor, says:'Our rules are the key to the success of our open engagement and it has given us both the freedom to enjoy sex with other people and not feel guilty or jealous.'
The couple have now been together for five years and got engaged last November on Kerri's birthday.
Kerri explains: 'When I started dating Christian I wasn't very experienced.
'I loved him but I was curious about what it would be like to have sex with other people.' 
She discussed her issues with Christian and agreed on a solution - open relationship with strict rules.   
'Kerri and I came up with a set of rules and it's those rules which gave us comfort in trying this open relationship,'says Christian.
Among the rules Kerri and her fiancé agreed on is that kissing and holding hands with someone else is allowed without telling the other person.
'If you want to go to heavy petting then that person has to meet each of us again as a way of showing we are open about what the other is doing,' the pair say.
If the relationship with the new person turns into sex, then they discuss what is happening and the three of them meet to talk about it.
'We agreed to certain nights being 'away nights' so that the other person didn't walk in on me or I on Christian,'Kerri says.
They also say that if the situation arose they will try threesomes or experiment with a polyamorous relationship.  The couple got tested for STDs and they make sure they're tested every six months, agreeing to practice safe sex with other people until they are tested as well.
Kerri says: 'For both of us the rules, agreeing them and writing them down made it real and since we started the now 'open engagement' sex I’ve learnt new ways to please Christian and he’s learnt new ways to please me. 
'Christian though is, and will always be, the love of my life.'
She has now had sex with two other men and one woman and as a couple they've had a polyamorous relationship - or triad relationship - with a woman which lasted eight months and ended earlier this year.
'I feel incredibly confident now in the bedroom and our relationship as a couple who will walk down the aisle grows daily,' says Kerri.
'I am learning lots of new skills to please Christian and during the triad relationship he learnt new skills to please me.'
Christian adds: 'This isn't a fancy way to have a relationship and play away from home as well.
'It is about trusting your love for the other person and respecting they want and need the freedom to experiment for the benefit of our life together. Honesty is the core to it and we have both learnt new skills to please the other especially having been in a triad relationship.
'Our friends are incredibly accepting, we get lots of questions from them and I feel it’s strengthened our love for each other. If Kerri and I hadn’t discussed it up we would would hate to think we would have married and ten years down the track she’d had regrets.' 
They are hoping to experiment with other people soon. The couple are also planning to adopt a child because Kerri is unable to have children.

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