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Monday 17 October 2016

Ex-Imo Beauty Queen Cries Out After Getting a 'Dirty Slap' and Humiliated by an Army Officer (Photo)

Stephenie Korie
The immediate past Miss Imo State Queen, Stephenie Korie was few days ago, reportedly humiliated by an army officer at a graduation party of her friends. 
In a shocking revelation posted online, Stephenie Korie who is a former beauty queen, Miss Imo State Queen, has revealed that two nights ago, she was allegedly slapped and humiliated by an operative of a Nigerian army at a graduation party of her friends.
Below is how she made the revelation in a popular online platform;
"Nigeria has turned to something else where men treat women with no respect. I'm so disappointed with our military; they treat women with no respect. I've been hearing stuffs about the things they do in Aba, Abia State but didn't believe until it happened to me tonight. 

"I actually went to my friends graduation party with my younger sis in my school, when all of a sudden some guys started fighting. I wasn't comfortable so we had to go out and we were about leaving when a guy approached me (army officer not dressed in his uniform ) and asked me of the people with us. 

"I was surprised because I was invited and didn't know much people in the party. But I didn't answer him then, he told me he would slap me if I don't tell him. I was surprised and asked him why? Before I could tell what was happening he gave me a dirty slap. 

"Now I'm wondering; do men go about slapping any female they see? or the men in our country have lost the respect they have for women? It is a big shame for a soldier in the Nigerian  army to act with such irresponsible behaviour. And when he was asked why he did what he did, his reply was "do you know who I am."

"#StandAgainstMilitaryIntimidation #MenShouldNotHitWomenForNoReason #TheMilitaryShouldProtectAndNotIntimidateOurWomen.‎"

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