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Friday 7 October 2016

Horror! Man's Head Chopped Off in Horrific Road Accident (Graphic Photos)

The fatal accident results in the man's death
A man's head was chopped off during a horrific accident along the road after he was knocked down by a speeding car. A fatal road accident which happened on Thursday resulted in the death of a man. The man's head was chopped off after he was hit by a car in a grisly accident at Gwa Kairu, Thika of Kenya.
According to The Nation Kenya, the man, an employee of Bidco was hit by a speeding car as he crossed the highway at 1 pm. He was heading towards Kenyatta University, Ruiru campus.
A police officer at the scene said the man fell on a guard rail after he was hit by the car. The guard rails cut off his head on impact.
The vehicle was towed to Ruiru Police Station.

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