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Monday 10 October 2016

How Sad! Meet the Heartbroken Woman Whose Fiance was Killed Few Days to Their Wedding (Photos)

Rebecca and Evans Araka
A woman has been left completely heartbroken after her fiance to whom she was about to get married to, was killed. al-Shabaab insurgents again recently descended on the Kenyan town of Mandera town on the night of Thursday, October 6.
According to Tuko, the terrorists mercilessly butchered six non-residents.
The killings happened in Bulla area in the town where the terrorists shot and cut the heads of the victims mercilessly.
According to eyewitnesses the attackers selected Christians and butchered them.
Among those brutally killed in the attack was a middle-aged man identified as Evans Araka.
Araka was a humanitarian aid worker working in Mandera with the Islamic Relief Kenya foundation.
He was to marry his fiancée, Rebecca, in November 16, 2016.
“Evans Araka my love very hard to believe you're gone sitting here at Chiromo waiting...... everyone in tears am so torn apart.... confused... what will I do with the wedding gown..... what will I tell the children..... terrorism has robbed us,” Rebecca said.
Rebecca in her wedding gown
Araka had even bought a wedding gown for his wife-to-be but that did not happen. Today, Rebecca is at the Jiromo Mortuary awaiting to receive her prospective husband, albeit lifeless.
The government admitted it had received intelligence about the attack but it was not enough.

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