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Monday 17 October 2016

'I Have My Right to Say How I Feel' - Aisha Buhari Says in BBC Interview (Audio)

Mrs. Aisha Buhari
Aisha Buhari has continued to attack her husband's government as she said she has the right to say her mind on what she feels. 
Mrs. Aisha Buhari has said she has the right to say how she feels about the government as she is still a Nigerian.
In an interview with BBC Hausa, Aisha accused her husband of using mostly people who do not know the party's manifesto, and do not share the party's dreams into his governemnt.
The woman who complained that some unknown forces have hijacked her husband's administration criticized the government and said things are not going the way they should. Aisha who revealed in the interview said people have been coming to show concern over how the husband has been managing the affairs of the state which is not in tandem with what had been promised forcing her to come out in the open.
Aisha's comment about President Buhari received much publicity and Nigerians reacted. The President in response had urged Aisha to return to the kitchen as he said that is where she belongs.
"My wife belongs to my kitchen, living room and the other room". the president had said in reply.
However, it seems Aisha is not backing down as she has in a new interview stated, “I have my own right to say how I feel about something,”

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