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Saturday 15 October 2016

If My Wife Does What Aisha Buhari Did She'll Return to Her Parents - PDP Senator Attacks

Aisha Buhari and Senator Rowland Owie
A People's Democratic Party chieftain from Edo State has blasted Aisha Buhari on her controversial interview with BBC Hausa which he regards as disloyalty to her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari. Reacting to Aisha Buhari's controversial BBC interview, former Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Rowland Owie yesterday said if his wife went public to criticize him the way Aisha Buhari did to her husband, in her BBC Hausa interview, he would send her packing from his house.
In an interview with Vanguard, Owie said although what Aisha Buhari said was right, it could have been said in the bedroom when she had some private time with her husband.

“Aisha is right in criticism of President Buhari’s appointments, but the medium she adopted is very wrong. Such advice from a wife to a husband should be given at bed time and not to the hearing of anybody. If a wife does that to me, the woman will return to her parent’s house within 24 hours of that statement. 

"A Benin Parable says- Only one’s enemy that will advise one in the presence of The Oba in council.” he said

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