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Thursday 13 October 2016

Incredible! How a Well Dressed Man Allegedly Fondled a Woman's Breast Inside a Bus in Lagos

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A young lady has told of a really stunning experience she had where a man stunned people by fondling a woman's boobs. The lady shared her story on a popular Nigerian blog.
According to her, she was on a bus recently and was stunned when a woman accused a man of fondling her breasts right there.
She revealed that the funny thing was that the man could not defend himself and thereby giving the allegation some truth.
Below is how she put the story:
"Hello, good day, My name is Bolaji, I am an ardent reader of your blog and I will like you to publish this real life experience in a Lagos commercial bus to get people’s opinion. 

"I was inside a commercial bus from CMS to Lekki on Thursday morning thinking about my life and career. Suddenly a lady behind me shouted EXCUSE ME!!! What do you think you are doing, yelling at a well-dressed young man putting on grey colour suit. 

"The lady was accusing the young man that he was fondling her breast. Everyone in the 18 seaters bus look the guy with “one kind eye” and the lady continued to speak grammar abusing the guy, cursing him. She was even threatening that if the guy try such again she will cut the guy with the blade inside her bag.  

"The most surprising  thing, of all this drama the guy could not defend himself all he was just saying is “ehen, madam face your front jor” 

"I was now thinking could the allegation be true? How can a young guy, well dressed be fondling a lady (stranger for that matter) breast in a commercial bus with 18 passenger in and the funniest thing is that none of other passengers including me interfere in the matter. 

"To be sincere the guy look suspicious but I don’t believe the lady allegation and the guy fine pass the lady sef. 

"My people especially ladies could this be true? Have you experienced such? Let’s hear your opinion."

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