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Thursday 13 October 2016

Jigawa State Government Passes Bill on HIV Test Before Marriage

A bill has been passed in Jigawa State House of Assembly which makes it mandatory for all intending couples to undergo HIV/AIDs test before marriage. In a bid to limit the viral spread of HIV/AIDs in the northern state, the Jigawa state government has devised a tough measure of limiting the spread through s*xual partners.
The State House of Assembly has passed a bill that mandates engaged couple to certify their HIV status before proceeding with their marriage rites.
The Chairman of the Committee on the control of HIV/AIDs in Jigawa, Ibrahim Suleman Gwiwa, noted that the bill intended to provide free and compulsory HIV/AID test before marriage.
The bill is to also prohibit all forms of discrimination and stigmatisation against people living with the virus. According to reports, the intending couple will undergo the test in the last three months before marriage.
Ibrahim Suleman Gwiwa, made this known at the plenary session on Wednesday, October 12.
Gwiwa said the bill became imperative following the widespread of the killer disease among couples in the state. He explained that in the bill, Sharia and Magistrate Courts would have jurisdiction to try HIV/AIDs related offences and added that, on the other hand, Association for People living with HIV/AIDs and State Agency for the Control of AIDs would be deployed for enforcement at all levels.

“The bill intends to provide free and compulsory HIV/AIDs test before marriage and to prohibit all forms of discrimination and stigmatisation against persons living with the virus in Jigawa with a view to curbing the spread of the deadly virus in the state.

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