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Tuesday 11 October 2016

Kidnappers of Lagos Pupils Give Families 48-hour Ultimatum

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Kidnappers of some school pupils and teachers in Lagos have issued a new threat after issuing 48-hour ultimatum. There is apprehension in the air as kidnappers of the four pupils, a teacher and a vice-principal of Lagos Junior Model College, Igbonla, Epe, Lagos State have given their families 48 hours ultimatum to pay the ransoms placed on them or face the music.
This is coming as the health condition of the schoolboy had worsened. They have also reduced the ransom to N6m.
The attackers - five gunmen and a woman - had stormed the school last Thursday, at about 8am, and whisked the victims away during the morning prayers.
The abductors reportedly shot into the air before making away with the pupils, identified as Isaac Adebisi, Okonkwo Emmanuel, Abu and Jeremiah; the English Language/Civic Education teacher, Lukman Oyerinde, and the VP, A.O. Oyesola.
Our correspondent had also reported that the kidnappers, who were still believed to be within the Epe area, got across to the families of the victims on the following day and demanded N5m for each of them.
The gunmen were said to have also fired a warning shot while conversing with the families on the telephone as the families reportedly begged, promising to pay the ransoms.
A source said the kidnappers gave them a 48-hour ultimatum to pay, as the condition of the sick schoolboy had worsened.
He said, “The men called on Monday and said they gave the family till Wednesday to pay the ransom. While the family members begged them, the kidnappers let them realise that the health of the boy had worsened, but they would not release him without a good ransom. They had come down from N3.5m to N1m ransom.

“The boy’s family has been able to raise some money and they were begging the gunmen to accept what they had. I hope the kidnappers will have mercy and consider the condition of the sick pupil, and let him go.”
A family source disclosed that the family of one of the victims had raised three-quarter of the ransom, adding that the money was not sourced from the government.
She said, “It is true that they called to warn the parents that the boy’s health is deteriorating. They told them to bring the ransom before Wednesday.
"The family has been able to raise three-quarter of the money. They are rallying round for the remaining sum. Nobody from any quarters is assisting them to raise the ransom. They are begging the kidnappers and trying to meet the deadline.”

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