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Thursday 13 October 2016

Kogi State Polytechnic Student Aborts Pregnancy and Dumps Baby at the Back of Hostel (Graphic Photo)

The baby allegedly aborted by a student
It was real drama in Kogi State Polytechnic as students could not believe their eyes after an aborted baby was discovered at the back of their hostel. Students of the Kogi State Polytechnic were stunned to discover an aborted baby abandoned behind one of the female hostels (Hostel D) in the campus, according to reports.
The shocking sight caused pandemonium in the area. It was alleged that the baby was aborted by one of the female students before throwing the dead feotus at the back of the hostel thinking that nobody would find it.
According to the person who broke the news, students gathered in scores to witness the disturbing view. The hostel representative was called and as soon as she got to the arena she tried sending the student back to their various hostels, but the students resisted.
It was later gathered that the hostel rep buried the baby so as to reduce the crowd. 
However, that did not go down well with the school security who later invited the police in the matter. The hostel rep was whisked away by the police as they accused her of murder.
The incident has left students in the school in shock as the woman who aborted the baby is yet to be found.

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