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Thursday 13 October 2016

Ladies, Get in Here Now! Meet the Super Hot 32-year-old Man Who Has Never Had S*x in His Life (Photos)

JimDre Westbrook
The chances of meeting a man in his 30s who is still a virgin is rare in this contemporary world, however, one of such men has been discovered and now tells his story. One glance at 31-year-old bachelor, JimDre Westbrook, and it’s obvious that his looks get attention from the ladies.
He’s charming, with a white smile set against perfectly smooth, chocolate skin complimented with tattoos. His body is built and his head is bald, a look that seems to be the popular male aesthetic of the moment. Many would assume that an attractive, accomplished man like himself living in Las Vegas would have women lined up at the door of his bedroom. But those assumptions are far from JimDre’s truth.
Last year on his 30th birthday, JimDre took to Facebook to reveal to the world that he was a 30-year-old virgin, and since his reveal, responses to his story have been overwhelmingly positive.
After hearing him speak on The Steve Harvey Show, I had the opportunity to talk with the Saginaw, Michigan, native about his spiritual journey, his dating life and his decision to share his virginal journey towards marriage with the world. There’s more to him that what meets the eye. Learn more about this man of faith, a face of the modern-day, adult virgin.
How His Virginal Journey Began
After having “the talk” with his mother at age 14, JimDre Westbrook made the personal decision to honor God, himself and his future wife with remaining sexually pure.
“I explained to her that I wanted to wait for sex until I was married,” JimDre states. “She and my father thought I was trying to please them by saying the right thing at the right time, but I wasn’t. I truly believed I could wait for s*x until marriage. I felt it was a great way to honor God and my future wife.”
Holding himself to high standards comes from an upbringing rooted in the church, and for JimDre, respect is the number one principle. “I must respect God and myself—I must honor the commitment I made 17 years ago.”
Maintaining His Standards
We all are made of sexual energy, and like anyone else, JimDre has been faced with the desire to explore. But in remaining faithful to God in his commitment, he’s learned how to deal with the call of temptation. “Throughout my years, there have been times where I thought, ‘This could be it.’ However, I was able to stay strong and remain a virgin.”
Even through his teenage years, falling in love while in college and in the midst of living in Las Vegas (where the desire to want to have s*x is omnipresent), JimDre has left his desires to God. “I truly feel it is my destiny to be a virgin until I marry my future wife. I’ve dealt with the natural desire of wanting to have sex by leaving it all to God.”
S*xual energy, when not used in s*xual expression, can become excess energy that can cause imbalance within our energy centers. But JimDre keeps himself balanced by using that energy creatively in his workouts and his work as a small business owner.
“I stay very busy and active; I love working out at the gym,” JimDre details. “I listen to music, hang out with friends and go to church. I’m also an entrepreneur, so there’s always work to be done. I co-own a clothing like with my hometown friend, Andre Thomas, called LAYOP Clothing Company, so that keeps me pretty occupied.”(LAYOP stands for Live At Your Own Pace.)
As for living in Las Vegas and staying committed to his promise, JimDre lives at his own pace and remains strong in his faith in God. “I choose to stay away from anything I don’t agree with,” he states. “I’m not perfect, but I try to live my life the way I feel God wants me to. Ultimately, God’s pace is my pace.”
On Future Performance
For the average virgin, a common concern is how s/he will be pleasing to their partners of choice, but JimDre has no concerns about his future performance. He believes God will send him the right woman who’ll understand and have no issues with having to take the lead in the bedroom.
“I have complete faith in God that whoever He blesses me with, we will not have any issues in that department,”state JimDre confidently. “I’m cool with [a woman acting as a teacher]. I’m man enough to recognize the situation and understand there will be a learning curve. Some women may not be OK with this, but the one for me—if she’s not a virgin—will be able to accept our special circumstance.”
His Attitudes Towards S*x
The average person’s views of s*x range anywhere from sexually repressed to sexually positive, but JimDre’s attitudes towards s*x seem rooted within the sanctity of his faith.
“I believe s*x should be sacred within the union of marriage,” he explains. As far as his education about the subject of sexuality, the “Worth the Wait Guy” has a great support system in place to teach him what he needs to know to maintain sexual health while in waiting.
“My family and friends have been there for me throughout this journey. I talk to them about sexuality, so I’m not completely foreign to the subject at hand,” JimDre reveals. “I can’t complete this journey by myself—God has blessed me with the right people in my life to keep me grounded, informed and focused.”
His Dating life
JimDre attributes his ability to remain a virgin solely to his faith in God, but the dating experience has been an interesting one for him while living in Sin City.
“Most of the women I meet have no problem with me being a 31-year-old virgin,” he explains. “The biggest misconception of me being a virgin is that people think I’m a lame or I have no social skills when it comes to women. It’s quite amusing. Being around women and talking with women is not an issue for me. I’m a God-fearing man who loves life and knows how to have fun without having s*x.” 
When it comes to women who are a little more aggressive in their approach, JimDre handles their advances with class. “When women approach me, I smile, genuinely thank them for their interest, and proceed with having a conversation with them. If they are trying to take it there [have s*x], I have to let them know that this is real-life for me and not a game, and then respectfully decline.”
Looking for Mrs. Westbrook
Searching for the right one is definitely on JimDre’s priority list, and while dating in Las Vegas has brought on extra obstacles for him, his faith in what God has in store for him is unshakable.
“Yes, I am in search of Mrs. Westrbook!” he states excitedly. “I never thought I’d be here at the age of 31, but it’s all good! God has blessed me with a great life, so I’m humbled. I’ve been in relationships with amazing women, but haven’t been able to find the one. I have faith God will help direct my path and my future wife and I will connect one day soon.”
As for the qualities he looks for his future wife, intelligence, ambition, self-worth and a relationship with God are all necessities.
“I love a woman who knows God and herself. She doesn’t have to know everything, but she must know God and understand her self-worth,” he says of the ideal woman. “I like women who are intelligent, ambitious, genuine and active.  Having a great sense of humor, similar tastes in music and loving sports are bonuses.”
His Advice for Others in Waiting
The world is filled with adult virgins waiting their turn to jump into sexual activity with the right one. And for those in waiting, JimDre suggests knowing thyself and remaining true to self in order to resist the temptation of jumping into sex before the time is right.
“Be yourself,” he stresses. “You can have lots of fun with the opposite sex without falling into the temptation and losing yourself completely. This is where knowing yourself is key: you must know your boundaries and limits. Speak with confidence, walk with a purpose and let your true light shine whenever you smile.”
JimDre shares his personal story and writes about his experiences as a 31-year-old virgin living in the “City of Sin” on his blog "WorthTheWaitGuy.com."

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