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Thursday 6 October 2016

Listen Guys, These Are the Most Popular S*x Positions in the World...Can You Guess?

Come along let's take a look at some of the most popular s*x positions people are using all over the world. You won't believe it. You might be wondering which of the positions are the most popular in the world. Well, guess no more as according to Dailystar, here are the hottest and most popular s*x positions around the world.
Poland: The Galloping Horse
The name very much explains what this one is about. The guy sits in a chair with his legs outstretched while she straddles him, lowering herself on top with her legs outstretched in front.
She holds onto his shoulders for balance while he holds her waist as she moves.

"Polish culture is very traditional but that does not translate to our s*x lives," Daniel Cysarz, sexologist and psychotherapist in Poland told Women's Health.
Brazil: The Amazon
This move is all about letting the girls own their pleasure as they're in charge of the depth, speed and direction. The man lies down on the bed and brings his knees towards his chest.
He wraps his legs around her as she squats down on his shaft.
Australia: Lying down doggy
This position is all about letting the man take control. The girl lies face down on the bed while the guy lays on top and enters from behind.

"There's a strong, traditional masculinity that exists here…but it's very relaxing and sensual for both partners,"Elaine George, director of Sexology Australia said.
Britain: Doggy style
Our favourite s*x position in the UK is Doggy Style with a recent survey finding that one in four people favour it over others.
Haven't tried it? She gets on all fours while he kneels from behind with his body slightly draped over.

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