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Friday 14 October 2016

Love Story: He Deflowered Her in the UK But Wants to Dump Her Now That He's Back In Nigeria

A Nigerian man who had s*x with a virgin lady during his short stay in Europe is considering breaking up with her due to long distance romance hassles. Read the dilemma of the man below as his conscience continues to prick him. He shared the story on a popular Nigerian online forum for advice.
I will just cut the long story short and make it brief. I went on a business trip to the United Kingdom and during my stay I met a nice young Nigerian girl that we really clicked from the very first day we met.
Along the line we got so close and all that, then on this particular night the moment really set in and trust me the scenario was just too irresistible that s*x happened then she left to her house.

The next morning I know I woke up feeling really fly after the most romantic moment I have ever had in my entire life lol (maybe because I hardly have time for ladies sha), I noticed some little stains of blood on the sheets and my heart skipped. Later that evening after the whole work stuff, we most deff got to see and then along the line I had to chip in the whole blood stains ish and trust me her response kept me dumbfounded.
She opened up to me that she was a virgin and she actually gave me her virginity that night before. Like seriously it really touched me and I asked her why she didn't tell me because if she did there was no way I would have done anything knowing am most deff coming back to Nigeria. Then she said she has only dated one guy while she was in secondary school in Nigeria and she really liked him but he broke up with her before she left for UK just because she refused having s*x with him and just wanted their relationship to grow without the idea of s*x.
Now then she said because of how much it hurt her when they broke up then, she really liked me from day one and we honestly clicked wella, she didn't want to loose me just like her first boyfriend which is why she just allowed us flow to that level without saying a word about it.

I am now back in Nigeria and we seem to be apart but just trying to keep up this whole distance relationship stuff but I am someone that hardly believe these distance relationship do work.
Though am single and without any kid as well, I am thinking telling her to move on so that I don't make her feel tied down with a guy she is far away from and not yet sure when we going to meet again except she comes to Nigeria and it's so obvious that's till around December next year when she must have graduated.

Do you guys think it will be a wrong move to let her go?

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