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Monday 10 October 2016

Man in Pains After Bitten in the P*nis by a Huge Animal...and It Refuses to Let Go (Photo+Video)

The man was bitten in the penis by the turtle
A man was left in pains and rushed to a hospital after he was bitten by a huge animal in the p*nis. A man was left writhing in pain after he was bitten in the p*nis by a huge turtle. The Chinese man was rushed to the hospital for medical attention after the shocking incident.
According to Dailymail, in footage likely to make most men wince, the Chinese softshell turtle is seen with its teeth clamped around the groin area of the man's trousers.
The unlucky man is seen using red rope that is tied around the reptile's shell to lift it up so he can walk with more ease. But, as one might imagine, the gentleman seems to be in some discomfort and has to stop every few steps to readjust his clothes. 
Why the man was attacked on the manhood is still unclear. He is said to have received medical help and will be better soon. 
Chinese softshell turtles, which are also referred to as Asiatic soft-shelled turtles, are found in eastern and southern China, as well as in parts of Russia, Vietnam, Taiwan and North Korea. It is a carnivorous freshwater animal usually found in rivers, lakes and ponds and feed on insects, crustaceans and the remains of small fish.
Watch video below:

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