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Saturday 15 October 2016

Meet the glamorous powerlifter who can bench press incredible weights (Photos)

This stunning self-titled "Muscle Barbie", Instagram fitness star, Julia Vins, has 325,000 followers thanks to her 'doll-like' facial features and an extraordinary, muscle-popping body.
At just 20-years-old, Julia has broken records at the World Powerlifting Congress, squatting 215kg, bench pressing 120kg and dead-lifting 190kg, all with a bow in her hair.

The pro-powerlifter said it has been far from easy to reject society's expectations of her in Russia to become fully independent as an athlete so young.

Julia is grateful to her boyfriend of four years for getting her to where she is now through his training and support but not all men have been as encouraging or even agree with her profession.

Julia said: "My boyfriend, is my coach and it is because of him that I have achieved significant success in power-lifting already."


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