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Wednesday 12 October 2016

Meet Nigeria's First Female Mechanic Who Has Been Fixing Cars for 32 years (Photos)

Sandra Aguebor is Nigeria's first female mechanic
This is the amazing story of the life of Nigeria' first female mechanic who is breaking records and setting trends. Sandra Aguebor is Nigeria's first female mechanic who has been fixing cars for the past 32 years. The amazing woman who grew up in a polygamous family in Benin City, has been through a lot as she makes a living in a male-dominated profession.
According to an interview she granted Aljazeera, her mother actively discouraged her from following her dreams, sometimes beating her when she would be out tinkering with an engine instead of doing her chores in the kitchen.
But Sandra is the sort of woman that responds well to adversary.
"The constraints, the obstacles, the challenges that could have driven me back, they became my opportunity. The future looks bright," she says.
She has built a network of female mechanics that is spreading from city to city, and training former s*x workers, orphans, and victims of trafficking to be mechanics.
"Our clients keep coming back - they prefer us because we are determined to be better than a lot of mechanics who take their job and their salary for granted," she says.
Sandra's Lady Mechanic Initiative has now spread to the north with its first project in Kano City where the response from Muslim women has been unprecedented.

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