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Friday 7 October 2016

Nigerian Man Fortunately Gets Oil Company 'Job' Via Twitter...How He Did Will Amaze You

Olayinka Fajimite
A lucky Nigerian young man named Olayinka Fajimite got an internship job with Oando PLC on micro-blogging site by being audacious in his approach. So, yesterday, Twitter user @lordphaj3804 named Olayinka Fajimite tweeted at Oando Plc asking them how many retweets he should generate on Twitter to earn him a job at their company.

The company replied that they don't do retweets for employment but they can give him a one month internship if he gets 2,000 retweets.
The higher institution undergraduate seeking a one month internship got lucky as well-meaning Nigerians assisted him in hitting the target in simply 4 hours.
See how the events played out:

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