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Thursday 13 October 2016

Oh No! Power Bank Charger Explodes and Burns Down Building (Photo)

The building that was torched at the high-end Nairobi estate
A building in an estate has been burnt down after a shocking explosion from a power bank leaving many to scamper for safety. A building was burnt down in one of the high-end Nairobi estates on Wednesday after a power bank reportedly exploded in one of the rooms. 
According to The Kenyans, the residential building located in Kileleshwa estates burned down when the power bank, which was charging, exploded sparking a fire that swiftly spread around the house.

“The house owner’s son had left his power bank charging and it set fire to curtains. We tried to fight the fire but it got out of control,” a neighbour divulged.
Speaking about the incident, a security guard identified as Simon Mwangi, who witnessed the incident said the fire started around 3am.
He said the incident which happened at Villas Apartment, sparked panic forcing residents near the building to be evacuated as the affected floor was badly damaged.
“Some residents left their houses and went to spend the night elsewhere,” Mr Mwangi was quoted by a local daily.
It took firefighters close to an hour to put out the fire that was almost spreading to surrounding houses.

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